Craigslist Posting Service

Expert Craigslist posting service

Team Web USA offers expert and professional Craigslist posting service. We are based in Houston TX  but we can assist you develop unique posting strategies regardless of where you’re located. Our research led us to the conclusion that a lot of small to mid-sized businesses rely a lot on Craigslist for leads. This is not surprising given Craigslist is in list of the top 20 most trafficked websites in the world. It gets its appeal from the fact that one can advertise on it for free in most categories. Also, most people on Craigslist are looking to buy immediately and therefore make very good business prospects.

Craigslist has come a long way since it’s inception back in 1995. While it is very easy to join and use, it is extremely competitive. Hundreds of new listings are created in each category each day (more like each second of the day). Depending on where you post, your listing will stay at the top for only a few minutes at most before other listings push it downward and on into oblivion. In the past, businesses would overcome this by posting multiple times in multiple cities throughout the day but Craigslist has now installed a sophisticated spam filter that has made this practice extremely difficult. The filter is now able to detect where (geographically) one is posting from and automatically flags and “ghosts” any other ads posted by the same person in a different location/category. It does this by monitoring your “online footprint” which may include your unique ip address. In many cases, Craigslist outrightly removes ads which they feel have violated their terms.


“Ghosting” is by far the most frustrating of Craigslist’s penalties. This results in your ad being “hidden” from view even though you (the poster) can see it in your profile. Your ad appears to be active and visible but in reality, the general public cannot see it. To the poster, this is a waste of time and money. Many small businesses have given up on CL altogether because of this.


Many times when one joins a service, they indicate that they have agreed to the terms and conditions. Often times, these terms are rarely read in their entirety. CL has some stringent terms and conditions and it would do well to familiarize yourself with them. Failure to do so can lead to your ads being flagged.

Another very disturbing phenomenon to emerge recently is people offering a service to flag other people’s ads. This means your ad can be flagged for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than that your competition hired someone to flag all ads similar to yours in order to boost theirs.

We can help you with the following:

  • Publish multiple ads in multiple categories without violating CL’s TOS
  • Create cutting-edge stunning graphics for your post (ads with graphics get a far better response than those without)
  • Create the right keywords to ensure your ads are found even outside Craigslist
  • Ensure you don’t get flagged, ghosted or banned.

Multi-city posting

It is currently very difficult for small businesses, most of which are sole proprietorships, to post to multiple cities in Craigslist. This is because of the site’s stringent monitoring mechanisms which discourage duplicate ads. It is also extremely time consuming. That hurts a lot of businesses given some do need to post to multiple cities on a daily basis. As Craigslist posting professionals, our craigslist ad posting services help such businesses overcome the huddles of posting to different states or localities all without using complicated craigslist posting software.