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Why SEO is Important  for Your Business

A well designed web page is a great thing but without proper SEO it can go to waste. SEO is what makes web pages show up in search engines and makes users capable of finding your business. This makes SEO just as important as a properly designed site if not more. Because if customers can’t find your business online, when they search for products or services no matter how functional your website is you will be unable to see a difference. This creates a vital connection between proper SEO management and intuitive web design. Only together can a business online presence truly thrive. That’s why an equal amount of support is put into any web design project of ours by our web design and SEO teams.

Protect Your WordPress Site Against Malware and Hackers

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website building. Because of this popularity many nefarious people have reasons to attack websites built with wordpress. This means that security is a vital part of any new website using the platform. Also just like a home wordpress isn’t secured when first created but the measures that are needed to create a sense of security are routine in any Teamwebusa design. Other developers can easily offer a web page but few offer protection along with it. Teamwebusa makes both a priority. Protecting the cyber security of a website may sound foreign but it is a very important and needed feature. The potential risks associated with an unprotected website can create many issues for a business. Prevention is always a great method of defense in case of any kind of attack. Our security team uses a combination of constant backups and website scans to check for any problems that may surface. Our customers can trust that any design project of ours will be secured.